Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Divisoria for the nth time

I went to Divisoria today with my mama. I was supposed to do a little canvassing because my office mates and I will be going back there on Friday to buy stuffs for our company outing. But due to the rain, I focused more on what I planned to buy. :) I'm very glad that Divi did not disappoint me (there are times that it does). There were new stocks, and they even have end-of-season and mid-year sales. Who knew, right? Anyways, I withdrawn P3,000 to splurge today, and here's what I bought:

I bought three jeggings (P200/P200/P250) and one pair of pants (P330).

More finds after the jump!

 2 sheer blouses

 2 shorts for P250. These are included in the sales. I really loved these because I got them for such a low price!
 Five bib necklaces (P70/ea).
Le mustache necklace for P50
 Earrings for P40 each
Rings for  P30 each
This one's my favorite.
 Nail art stickers (I'm going to give them a try!) for 4pcs per P100
 I also bought some washi tapes for 3pcs per P100
And to carry all of these, I bought a bag for P125. If you notice, the bag looks like a Longchamp. Although it seems like an imitation, its actually not. I like that it did not imitated the logo. In addition, the handle is thicker, and the material used is like thick satin. Best of all, its Filipino made! I do hope that they develop this product. I swear this can be exported given the proper support.

I also bought 2 belts for P50 each. I didn't take a picture of them, because they're really just plain. Now, if I did my math right, I ended up spending P2,915 for 35 items! I really enjoyed shopping today. I even saw Claudine Barretto for a short moment. I was too tired to fuss over her, and I'm not really an avid fan. She's really petite and clean though. However, I still think that the accessories are still a little pricey because the store owner was too stubborn even though we were haggling the best that we can. There were really nice shirts too, but I already did some shopping a few days ago for t-shirts. Last weekend, I spent few thousand pesos at F21 and Landmark, and I regret it a little now, because I knew that most of what I bought can be found at Divi. Maybe next time I'll go to Divi first! Now, here are some of my personal tips if you plan to go to Divi:

  1. Wear plain clothing. I wore jeggings and 3/4 shirt. Enough to protect me from our changing weather.
  2. Bring umbrellas, especially since our weather is erratic lately.
  3. Bring only the money you plan to spend, especially when you're on a tight budget.
  4. Set aside money for transportation and food. That way, you won't have trouble over your accounting.
  5. Bring shopping bags.
  6. Go early - so you can go home early too. Going there in the morning is usually hassle free, but catching up with the rush hour is too tiring.
  7. Plan your trip. We usually go on Wednesdays because we joke that most of the people will be at Baclaran (Wednesdays are Baclaran Day).
  8. Haggle, haggle, haggle~!
  1.  If you bought clothes, underwear, or other wearable, I suggest that you wash them first. Although they're all new, they've been placed in warehouses for too long, so cleaning them may be ideal.
  2. Do an accounting of everything you spent. This may take a while, but looking at what you spend after a day in Divi is usually fun, since you spent less for more.
 I hope these helps if you plan to visit. But for my last tip, have self-control - which I obviously don't have for today.


  1. Isama mo ko! I love the collar necklaces!


  2. i love the rings! what's a washi tape? lol

    ever with beauty and evilness,

  3. @Arra When? Maganda pumunta this July kasi ang daming bagong stocks and sales!

    @Danna Washi Tape = Japanese paper tapes. :D

  4. May i ask where in divi ang mga washi tapes...

  5. saan po dun sa divisoria nabibili ung washi tapes?

  6. what store did you get the washi tapes at? Php100 for 3pcs? thank you, :)

  7. I am not sure if they are washi tapes, they seem to be fabric tapes :3

  8. San ung Shop ng Nail art Decals? Please reply @

    1. They're all over 168! Mostly sa 2nd floor. :)

  9. Where in divisoria you bought the bag ? Thanks!

  10. 70 Pa dn pu b ung necklace sa divi?

    1. I think so! You can get them cheaper if you get them in bulk orders. :)

  11. San yung washi tape ??? Please answer fast pupunta kasi kami dun next week