Saturday, June 30, 2012

Feel Good Saturday: July Vacation

Every summer term (in the US), every team in our office gets a month off; we call it our "Retainer Period". Last year, I was off the whole of August (which was almost canceled!). For this year, I have July for my vacation. I'm dearly praying my vacation won't be canceled, as I have many plans that I want to push through. Last year, I wasn't able to keep up with my plans. But this year, I vow to make things happen. So I give you, dear reader, an addition to many of my lists one again! Here are my goals for July:

  • Learn how to drive - My mama just resigned from her work. I use to carpool with her, but now, I'm on my own, and there will be a car at our house free to use. So I'm glad I got over my fear of driving last year 'cause I'm ready to take over that car.
  • Get a driver's license - I wouldn't be able to take over that car without this! haha!
  • Lose some lbs - This is never absent in any of my lists. I admit that I've been living a unhealthy life recently, and I realized now that I need to change. I once read that a person is weak if he cannot change a bad habit.
  • Finish half of my reading list - I've been collecting, collecting, and collecting books - from bookstores, book sales, etc. But the amount of books collected is increasing more than the amount of books being read. I need to do something about this.
  • Make multiple Divisoria trips! - I really love going to Divi, and I'm sure you already know that. If you don't, let me show you here and here.
  • Go to our company outing - Yes, our company hold our summer outings very late
  • Go to Eiga Sai - July is the Japan-Philippines Friendship month, and they held free Japanese movie viewing every year!
  • Clean my room - I don't sleep there recently. My bed is filled with clothes, shoes, and books - both old and new. I don't know how it happened.
  • Post some of my DIY projects I did recently
  • Blog, blog, blog~!

These are just a few, but I feel like a month is not enough to do all these. I'm still hopeful and determined more than ever. Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck Abi! I hope you achieve this list of yours with us present! Hehe!