Friday, April 18, 2014


Last week, I wanted to visit Daiso in Harajuku because I wanted to see what other school supplies are available there. There is a Can Do (100yen shop or  hyaku-en shappu) near our place, but it's rather small, so it gave me enough reason to explore other options. Since the street where my school is located intersects Omotesando, I can walk Harajuku in about 20-30 minutes -  in Japanese walking manner. But since I was just on my second week and still on tourist mode, I took the time to take everything in. I took a lot of pictures (using my G15 again). Good thing that there were other tourists around the area, so I didn't look like a crazy tourist taking pictures of  random things.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Unfortunately, Fortunately

Ever since I came here to Japan, I've realized that aside from having opportunities to improve my skills for the career that I want and contribute more to my family, I am also given the chance to experience other things, even smaller things, that I won't be able to in the  Philippines. For example, spring. Where better can I experience it first? Here in Japan, of course!