Thursday, June 26, 2014


My first term in my Japanese language school recently ended. Surprisingly, I got decent grades  for someone who hasn't practiced Japanese in a long time. I'm looking forward  to next term!

Anyways, as the title states, this post is about my first time in Asakusa. We went there directly from Tokyo Sky Tree (by biking of course). When we arrived, it reminded me of  Divisoria and Ongpin, but cleaner. We went on a Saturday so the place was packed with tourists, making it very difficult to take lots of pictures.

Friday, May 9, 2014

To Tokyo Sky Tree

One of our bike adventures led us all the way to Tokyo Sky Tree. That's two hours away from Kasai, where I currently live, so we biked for four hours (to and from) that day. My bottoms hurt, but it was all worth it.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

On Frustrations

I have to admit something. Living here in Japan, for a month and a few days now, is not all fun and games. Yes, I'm greatly enjoying my time, and I'm amazed about the things I get to experience here. But, when I'm alone or there's nothing to distract me, I get frustrated, scared, and homesick too. I left all my comforts and all the people I love back in the Philippines hoping for a more secured future. So there's nothing I can do to but to devise my own ways on how I can overcome these overwhelming feelings. I have to find ways to keep sane because now my friends and family are not 24/7 available to listen to my frustrations in life. Today, I wrote three reminders in my journal that I'd also like to share with you (to the few people who reads my blog and to those who are  just passing by),  hoping that these would also help you out in keeping your goals and keeping your strength as a person.