Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Wagon: An Actual Happy Wagon

During our visit to Quezon, I loved our island hopping, especially the walk on the beach. I kept on looking for unique stones and anything red, because I wanted to find a sea glass. If you read Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler, then you probably know about sea glasses. Sea glasses are shards of glasses, such as bottles, windows of sunken ships, etc., that has has come ashore and weathered by the heat of the sun and the sand. They turn into colored frosted glasses, which many people collect. They say that red sea glasses are one of the rarest because it has been under the sun for a long time. No, I didn't found any sea glasses, and I wish I did. When I was picking rocks, I simply stuffed them into my pockets. And when we went back to the  main island, I couldn't believe that I got exactly 20 rocks, just like Stargirl's Happy Wagon.

So I now have my own Happy Wagon

I'm not giving up on finding sea glasses in Philippine beaches. I bet it'd be magical to actually find one here.#imissummer