Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Wagon: Summer @ Quezon

For the whole of April and until now, I've been complaining how difficult this year's summer (in the Philippines) is. It's like nothing I've ever experienced in my whole 21 years of existence (thanks to global warming). However, summer is also a good time for outings, and since my office mates and I are desperate to get out of the office, we decided to find an available resort and get some relaxation. At first, we wanted to go to La Luz in Batangas, which is where some of my college friends went years ago. However, we weren't able to book in advance, so we (specifically KM and Ninky) desperately tried to find a new resort, so we found Tamarind Tree Resort in Quezon. It was my first time traveling to Quezon. The farthest I've ever been in the Philippines is Cebu, and that takes just a quick airplane ride. To Quezon, however, I had to sit for almost 8 hours to reach the resort. But the travel was worth it.

This was our "Duhat" Kubo. It was very basic, as we only had three futons (I bunked with Ninky & Jimm), a mosquito net, and one electric fan. It was an humbling experience.

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 And this is the view in front of our kubo.
The resort has a private beach only for resort visitors. When we arrived, it was low tide, so we were able to walk at around 15 meters and explore what's in the seabed.
 I'm a fan of rocky beds, and this was the part of our walk that I enjoyed much.
 The stairs by the right side leads to another resort.
 The "womb", as my friends called it. There are a lot of them actually, but this seemed to be the biggest.
 I had to include this photo because I think KM looks stunning here. She looks like a lost ghost, and I meant that as a compliment. :)
 This also leads to another resort, but these stairs look more eerie.
 When we made our visit, there was a supermoon, which the full moon passes at its closest to the Earth, making it bigger and brighter than the usual. Due to lack of better lenses (I'm working on it!), this was the best that I could do.
...and this is Dale. He was the kid who greeted us in our island hopping. We think he had a tad bit crush on KM. My friends find him adorable, but I didn't due to his resemblance with someone from my past. Haha!
These are the ladies whom I shared this experienced with: (from left) KM, Jimm, Ninky, and Sashie (KM's sister.)
What I Wore: 1. Top from Refill 2. Shorts from Oxygen 3. Shoes from Divisoria  4. Hat from SM Accessories

I don't know when I'll be back. I would love to, but due to its distance, it might not be so soon. I do hope that I'd have more of this before this summer ends!

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