Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Day Off

I don't have many sources of money. My job pays me a decent amount, which I mostly use for my Japanese classes, food, and transportation. I don't really ask money from my parents anymore (except for occasions when I have the privilege to do so). However, at the same time, I really love to shop. When I do have a lot of extra money, I do give myself a chance to buy branded clothes and shoes (some of my favorite shops are Bayo, Forever 21, and Apple & Eve.) BUT, when I only have little extra money, I go to Divisoria. I've blogged about it before (here). This second post just shows how much I love that place; I wish I can go there everyday. 

I went with my friend and office mate, Pampeem, today. She's planning to start her own business of accessories, in which I will be helping her out with the marketing (soon!). I only have P2000, but my mom gave me another P1000 for some household stuffs. These are what I ended up with:

Blouse - P 250
Dress - P350
Accessories (7 rings, 2 necklaces, and 2 bracelets) - P530
Post-its (6 different designs) - P150
Shoes - P150
Beanie - P100
Belts (2) - P100

Not pictured:
Automatic Umbrellas (3) - P600
Aprons (2) - P60

In total, I spent P2290 (P2662 including food and transportation) for 28 items! It couldn't have been much cheaper if it weren't hard to haggle today. There weren't so many people, so the vendors were trying to be stubborn. I did score the rings for a very cheap price. What I love even more was that the weather was cooperating, as it was really cool and shady. I hope to come back next week (for new stocks). I wish my bank account cooperates with me though.


For those who haven't gone to Divisoria and are planning to, here's a very interesting post I found about haggling. I lol-ed when I read it, because it's exactly what I do (except for #4 and #5, as I'm not Chinese and I've been to Divi so many times already)!

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