Sunday, March 4, 2012

"I bake better cupcakes"

How was your weekend? I had a very busy weekend. Well, actually, no, I didn't. For this weekend, I promised myself that I wouldn't tire myself out, as I did for the last few weekends. So for Saturday, I met up with my sempai (upperclassman) Ate Hani, who just came back from her masteral program in Korea, and friends (Danna and Hsieh). We had a hearty lunch at California Pizza Kitchen at Shangri la. It was really fun catching up with Ate Hani, and I'm very happy for her, because it's rare, nowadays, to see young people achieving so much (Congratulations, Ate Hani!).

After lunch, we stayed at Tokyo Bubble Tea for some milk teas, then we parted ways. I had to hurry to go home, because it was also my best friend's birthday that day. Unfortunately, due to some MRT issues, I was late for the party. My friends, Ivy and Prince, were already there.
(Hence my post title. haha)

I looked extremely tired in these pictures, but I'm not. Facing the pollution in Manila can really make a difference. Anyways, that's what I did for Saturday. For Sunday, I did nothing, and it was liberating. To end this post, here's something I've been watching for the past hour:

Cheers to another great week!

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