Friday, March 9, 2012

A New Love (so far)

The other day, I've been thinking of what I've been doing in my life so far. A lot of my friends are hastily moving forward, while I'm in the same place as I am last year. Don't get me wrong though. I love my job. Really, I do. It's just wasn't what I expected when I graduated college. Then again, my mama always tells me to slow down most of the time. My time will come, but I have to make it happen. So why am I speaking, or rather blogging, in this sentimental tone? It's nothing really; I just have to let it out. On to the real topic of this blog post: boxing!

Yes, I am boxing now, and I just found out that I really needed to workout, since I am a little overweight. (insert "you don't say" meme here). Acceptance always comes first before action. So when we found a promo for a one month period boxing at Ringside gym on Ensogo, we grabbed the opportunity at once.

I started yesterday with my friend, KM, and so far, we are having a blast. Picture this: quirky and wacky trainers, clean bathrooms and showers, fruity soap(!), no need to bring padlocks, occasional cute guys (haha), Matteo Guidicelli (though we haven't met him yet), friendly staffs, walking distance from the office, effective de-stressing (from all those punches) -- and yes, I can go on and on. So far (in reference to my post title), this is a good work out for me, as I interact with people, get to do it with my friends, and lose weight for my late summer (our office outing usually comes in June). I don't know yet how I will progress, as I don't really have a program yet (they fashion a program exactly for you depending on a fitness test  done on the first day). However, I do hope that this experience gets better. All that's left for me to say right now, for you dear reader, is well illustrated with this, err, illustration:

  Did you do something new and scary recently?

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  1. OMG! I want to box, too! Plus a bonus view of Matteo! LOL