Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Knot, Tie it

If I were a professional photographer, I'd do weddings in a heartbeat. Everything seems so surreal and magical that I could believe in happily ever afters.

My cousin, Janina, invited me to light one of her candles for their wedding. It was held early in the morning (6am!) that my other cousin, Jovy, and I woke up around 3am just to do our hair and make up. The wedding was solemn, peaceful, and beautiful, especially since it was held in December wherein mornings are chilly. There were no babies crying due to heat and no passers-by inside the church. We took our time taking pictures because there was no following wedding at once. It was just us - family and friends.

I don't know why, but I have had numerous dreams of my own wedding. However, none of them are vivid. I even shared one here before. It excites me and overwhelms me at times. Sometimes, I get scared that the reason I dream of it is that it would never happen, although I vow to be happy even if I get married or not in the future. But who knows what our dreams really mean? Janina was the first of my friends/relative who is in my generation to get married. Among my friend and cousins, the question now stands: Who's next?

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