Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Drafted Post

I'm a buried once gain in end-of-the-term responsibilities. Right now, I'm writing a critique paper due tomorrow along with compiling a class portfolio. I don't know why I always resort to doing everything last minute. I hate it, but it seems to work for me. And yes, I know I have to do something about my cramming attitude. Anyways, I needed a short break, hence, this post. And so I opened my Tumblr account a while ago and saw that I had a drafted post that I really want to share to you girls (and guys as well). I don't really remember when I wrote it or why I wrote it. What I remember though is that it's something that just popped in my mind. Sometimes, thoughts like this comes up, which is why I always have to have a notebook with me all the time. Sometimes, they're just feelings untranslatable to words, so I'm quite lucky to have written this one. Here goes the drafted post:

On the Idea of an "Ideal Guy"
I would like to believe that almost every girls have an “ideal guy”. For me, he’s someone who reads the same books that I do; someone who can be at par with my brother when it comes to video games; someone  who loves music; and someone who loves to travel as I do. Passionate and sensitive, my ideal guy craves for adventure, instead of normalcy - wonder over routine. I could just imagine all the new places he could show me and all the wandering we could share.

But it would be crazy for me to ask for that “ideal guy”, and even impossible to find exactly him. I mean, I know that not everyone gets to be with their ideal person. We are subjected to this world to traverse through mobs of strangers, hoping to get lucky or worthy enough to meet that someone who, as most people would say, will “complete” us. However, although I know these realities, I won’t be someone who settles with one significantly distant from that person inside my head. I’ll find bits and pieces of him from the people I meet or from the boys I date. One day, I might find someone who’s almost him. Although I might fall for someone who’s a total opposite of him - falling in a sense of “there’s nothing you can do about it” - I’m not going to just settle for far less than what I know I am worthy of. I’m not asking for Mr. Perfect, but I think I deserve Mr. Perfect-for-Me.

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