Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Warning: Post may give off "bitter" vibes

Yesterday, I was reading a fanfic of one of my favorite games in Playstation, Final Fantasy VIII. It was about Squall and Rinoa's wedding. I was too engrossed with reading it, because the wedding was really, really, pretty (with Balamb Garden flying during sunset, etc.). I was too engrossed, so I ended up dreaming about my own wedding.

It wasn't really the actual ceremony. Instead, it was the pre-ceremony events: waking up from bed, going to the hotel, washing up, hair-&-make-up, the end; I woke up after that. The dream seemed usual, but before my alarm went-off  and woke me up. I saw something that stirred me the whole day. In my dream, during hair-&-make-up, at my right, he sits with my other friends, watching me get my make-up done. I forgot what we were talking about, but we were talking and laughing just as we were before. I even said something like "I bring my own tissue" and laughed after saying that (I really don't remember why). And then the dream ended with him giving me a knuckle-punch (yes, one that guys give each other).

From that dream, I came up with two possible meanings, if dreams were really to be associated with messages:
  • First, we, in the end, will always be friends, no matter how I convince myself that it's impossible.
  • And second, we might not really end up together. If the me in that dream is the real me, then I know it'd be impossible for me to be with my groom during hair-&-make-up on my wedding day. I'm not superstitious, but my family is. So maybe - just maybe, if I were to marry someday - my groom is nowhere in that dream.At least, not yet.
 But what the heck, I'm twenty. What do I know about relationships?

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