Friday, May 9, 2014

To Tokyo Sky Tree

One of our bike adventures led us all the way to Tokyo Sky Tree. That's two hours away from Kasai, where I currently live, so we biked for four hours (to and from) that day. My bottoms hurt, but it was all worth it.

Since 2011, Tokyo Sky Tree Tower has become the tallest tower in the world, with its height of 2,080ft. It's  the second tallest structure in the world next to Dubai's Burj Khalifa (2,722ft). It's fascinating to think about how the future will look like if we kept on discovering ways of making sturdy, tall structures like this.

We didn't really do much when we went there since we still have limited budgets. We only took a bunch of pictures from different angles because it felt like the tower was a giant overlooking you wherever you go. Even when we were about leave (and go straight to Asakusa), it was looming over us. But it was really magnificent. I'd love to go back soon and climb the viewing platforms (for a fee of course). Also, I want to try the restaurants around and buy some Sky Tree Tower souvenirs!


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