Tuesday, May 6, 2014

On Frustrations

I have to admit something. Living here in Japan, for a month and a few days now, is not all fun and games. Yes, I'm greatly enjoying my time, and I'm amazed about the things I get to experience here. But, when I'm alone or there's nothing to distract me, I get frustrated, scared, and homesick too. I left all my comforts and all the people I love back in the Philippines hoping for a more secured future. So there's nothing I can do to but to devise my own ways on how I can overcome these overwhelming feelings. I have to find ways to keep sane because now my friends and family are not 24/7 available to listen to my frustrations in life. Today, I wrote three reminders in my journal that I'd also like to share with you (to the few people who reads my blog and to those who are  just passing by),  hoping that these would also help you out in keeping your goals and keeping your strength as a person.

1. Again and again, take it slow.
You may find that others seem to progress faster than you are. You may think that it makes you a lesser person and that you are getting left behind. But that is not the case. People have their own paces. You have yours. Wait. Be patient. It might just mean that soon something better will also come your way. Don't compete with others. Compete with the person you want to become.

2. Be active. Participate.
Waiting for something better to come does not mean that you have to leisurely sit  and just wait. No, it  doesn't. Take action. Grab opportunities. Mingle. Do something. For instance, you may get a no-brainer job now, but that might be your ticket to a better one.

3. Reflect
Think about why you're trying to achieve the things you want. What are your reasons? Who are you doing it for? Is it for people who looked down on you? Left you? Treated you badly? Your family? Yourself? Make  sure to always choose the positive and better  motivations.  By doing so, you'llnever end up resenting where you are right now. The right motivation only pushes you forward and should not weigh you down.


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