Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bike Away

Welcome to the bikers' club! No, I'm not actually riding a motorcycle - just a bike, with pedals and all. I've been here for a month now, and most of my Saturdays or Sundays were spent biking around Tokyo with some of my new friends here in Japan. Our main tour guide is Kuya Ralph who we met at the nearby church. So far, we've been to the nearby park, Disneyland, and the farthest - wait for it - Tokyo Sky Tree. I know, I know. That probably didn't have an effect on you. But I live in Kasai, which is south east in Tokyo, and is less urban than what we often think about Tokyo. So, try asking Google how far Kasai is from the Tokyo Sky Tree, and maybe you'll understand why I have to quote Barney Stinson earlier (besides the fact that I'm a big fan of HIMYM). First stop, Kasai Rinkai Kouen (park).

Unlike parks in the Philippines, parks here in Japan are enormous. And if I could rent a bike everyday (210yen per rent), I would go to Rinkai Kouen everyday. There's so much to see, especially if its a Saturday, since families often go there for picnics. Part of the park was also a beach, where, according to Kuya Ralph, we can swim during the summer. It's free; it's near; and it's relaxing. I really hope that we have something like this in the Philippines. It would be a great getaway from all the stresses we face everyday. For the meantime, I'll just enjoy what I can experience here in Japan.

Until the next stop,

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