Friday, April 18, 2014


Last week, I wanted to visit Daiso in Harajuku because I wanted to see what other school supplies are available there. There is a Can Do (100yen shop or  hyaku-en shappu) near our place, but it's rather small, so it gave me enough reason to explore other options. Since the street where my school is located intersects Omotesando, I can walk Harajuku in about 20-30 minutes -  in Japanese walking manner. But since I was just on my second week and still on tourist mode, I took the time to take everything in. I took a lot of pictures (using my G15 again). Good thing that there were other tourists around the area, so I didn't look like a crazy tourist taking pictures of  random things.

Everything I've read and heard about Omotesando were true -  and more. Yes, the street is where all the high-end brands are located and it's filled with foreigners. For me, it was  overwhelming to walk along the street, because I don't think I'll be able to afford most of what I saw in this lifetime. I always try to live a non-materialistic lifestyle and often go where the sales are. But at the same time, I'm also a fashion enthusiast. Thus, I was also a bit dreamy of having some of those things while I was walking. 

Anyway, while Omotesando are home to those brands, you can still see small shops in its hidden streets, like the coffee shop in my last shot above. I saw it because the scent of coffee was too strong, and I've been missing freshly brewed coffee for some time now. Sometimes, those that are hidden holds much more beauty than what is flaunted, right? 

I don't know why I'm being contemplative in this post, but Japan has that effect on me recently. Since I came here, I've been realizing what I have, what I can have, and what I can't possibly have ever, not just materialistically, but also in other aspects of living. All this thoughts just passing through Omotesando? Now, I can't wait to explore other parts of Japan.

Giddy and excited,

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