Monday, April 14, 2014

Unfortunately, Fortunately

Ever since I came here to Japan, I've realized that aside from having opportunities to improve my skills for the career that I want and contribute more to my family, I am also given the chance to experience other things, even smaller things, that I won't be able to in the  Philippines. For example, spring. Where better can I experience it first? Here in Japan, of course!

I've always wanted to see cherry blossoms in person ever since my obsession with Ruruoni Kenshin when I was a kid. Unfortunately, we weren't able to go to the big parks, such as Yoyogi and Ueno, for the hanami (flower viewing) festivals because our budgets are still tight. But fortunately, cherry blossoms or sakura in Japan are everywhere! Last week, after our school's opening ceremony, my roommate and I went to the nearby play park, just so we can take pictures  of the cherry blossoms. It wasn't a big park, but it was really a peaceful place to be. 

Actually, the place we're currently living at, Kasai, is very peaceful. It's still Tokyo, minus the hustle and bustle of the city. At first, we thought that after our first 3 months contract we'll try to move out and find a place near school (Omotesando). But the thing is, it's  much more expensive to live near central Tokyo. Plus, we've realized that it's nice to go home to a place where the trains are not much packed and where there are less bright lights at night. It helps take the stresses of the day away. Most of all, who wouldn't want to live in a place where Disneyland is just a bike ride away? (Ok, this might not matter for all, but  it does for  me!) Slowly, I am discovering the little nooks and corners of Kasai. What matters most, I think, is that I'm given this opportunity to be here. And I'll do anything I can to experience everything here to the fullest.


I whipped out  Maclarens (my Nikon D90) for this post (finally!). Ever since I bought my G15, I've been using it  non-stop. I guess Japan is also a good place for me to practice using my DLSR. :P

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