Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hello Japan

It's official. I'm in Japan. It's my fourth day, and I'm learning a lot already. Honestly, my first day was tough. I wanted to cry because I miss my family so much, especially my mama. I cried a little before I went to sleep. Yesterday, I got to talk to mama over Skype for the first time, and I did cry - like a baby. But now that I've cried and we figured out our Skype schedules, I feel much, much better. I'm missing a lot right now, but I know I'll get by. I think. I know.

Yesterday, some of my new friends here and I went to a nearby church. We got lost finding it, so we asked a nearby old Japanese guy for directions despite our meager Japanese skills. We thought he'll just give us some directions. To our surprise, he took us to church, which was around 5-10 minutes walk! I was surprised by how kind he was to us. We also met a lovely community of Filipinos in church. Even the priest was a Filipino. After mass, they invited us for pizza, so we  had free dinner. I spent the rest of  the night doing a little laundry, while watching 2 Broke Girls and New Girl episodes.

Right now, I'm still in the settling-in period. I've been busy buying stuffs that I need, and trying to hold back on the things that I don't need (it's tough!). I don't know how to ride trains yet, but I'll probably learn this week. School hasn't started yet, but  I'm actually looking forward to that. So far, I'm doing good here in Japan. Hopefully, I get accustomed to things around here soon!


I know I promised I'd blog about how I applied for a school here for my next post. I'll do it as soon as I'm well settled-in!


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