Monday, March 31, 2014

Photo Diary | 4.1.14 | A Morning Walk

Yesterday, we went to the city hall to apply for health insurances and then to the post office to open our bank accounts (yes, you can open an account in the post office). I didn't have my camera yesterday, so I wasn't able to take any pictures of the things that interest me. Today, I was ready.

Weather here, since we arrived, has been fairly good. It's cold, but it's a good kind of cold. It rained the other day, and it was horrible to walk through the rain and the wind. The rain felt like ice on our faces. It definitely is not like in the Philippines. Now, we're enjoying the sun a little. I enjoyed it more with all the cherry blossoms blooming around us. I can't wait till all of them are fully bloomed. I also can't wait to see our school. We 'll be going there for our placement exams on the 3rd of April. Tomorrow, I have another free day, and I'm still wondering what to do.

Amazed and still settling-in,

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