Friday, August 31, 2012

Still Revamping

I'm pretty much done with improving my blog, and I'm really loving it. I added my links already. They're really simple and blue! In addition, I've always wanted to have a signature for my posts, so I was lucky to find a CSS code that will automatically place my signature at the end of my every post. It saves me from uploading my signature as an image every time I write a new post. I wanted to add more details like a drop down navigation but some of the CSS codes are much too complicated for me. I managed to do it, but it messes the borders and stuff. Maybe next time, if I have more time in my hands. I'm still working on some of my pages, so for now, I'll leave you with the three quotes that hit me hard a few a weeks ago. I found them from twitter the day I was feeling all depressed about my health and other stuffs.
Click on the photo to enlarge.
I've marked them already as favorites in my twitter account, and I have them in front of my monitor at work. Reading them helps keep me in sync with the things I do. I even managed to drop down a few pounds for the last two weeks (although not drastic, mostly water weight). I hope that they help you too in whichever situation you have right now. Pardon my writing though. For the past two years, I've been typing away with my keyboard, so I haven't practiced my handwriting. Plus, I've only been writing Hiragana and Kanji lately. Among the three quotes above, I cannot choose a most favorite, but the one from Gilbert really made me rethink my daily routines. How are you changing your bad habits, dear reader?

P.S. How cute is that Eiffel Tower note clip? They stand on their own, and I got them for P129.75 at SM Southmall Department store. They come in sets of three: blue, white, and red. Got get 'em!


  1. i love the simplicit of your blog. The header reminds me so much of Tavis's rookie mag. ♥

    Style Diaries

    1. Thank you!I got the font from It's titled "In The Know". :)