Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Little Blog Revamp

I didn't stay on schedule today and went past my bed time just so I can work a little on my blog design. I've been dying to take everything from scratch instead of downloading a template and uploading it. For my blog revamp, I want something plain and simple. I like things minimalist hence the white background. I also changed my text colors into black, teal(ish), and gray, which are three of my favorite colors. I also widened my post width, so my pictures will come out a little bigger and better. It's really nice that blogger has easier editing functions now.

I did have a few problems when I changed my layout. First, I noticed that I lost all my links to my "Blog Love" section. I don't know why and that made me a little frustrated because I don't remember all of the blogs I've listed before! I did make sure that I keep all my widgets before saving my new template, but I still lost the list. Now, I'm filling it with what I remember and the blogs that I usually visit everyday. In addition, I have problems fitting my images within the posts' width. At first, my images were in their original sizes and overlapped my right side bar. I thought that I needed to go through all of my posts again to re-size my images, but I remembered that I can use CSS to automatically fit them. I then looked for a CSS code and found a forum that discusses my problem, so I found the proper CSS to do the trick.

Right now, I don't have my other links (Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc.) yet because I'm working on the images using Photoshop. I'm quite excited actually because I found a font that fits to my liking. I'm actually deciding whether to center my banner or not. What do you guys think? I am also thinking of adding an Instagram widget soon.

I hope to finish my blog revamp sooner, so I can focus more on being a consistent blogger. Right now, I need to get to sleep as it almost 1am. Yikes!

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