Friday, August 3, 2012

A Psychedelicious Thursday

The weather got me! I'm in bed and sick, so what better way to be productive than to blog. This is a little late, but last July 12, 2012, one of my college friends, Kimmy, invited us to attend the Philippine launch of Majolica Majorca's Summer make-up line entitled Psychedelicious. Kimmy was our block mate during our first year in college, but due to some personal reasons, she transferred school the next year. That is why I really wanted to go because we haven't seen Kimmy for about three years! I immediately canceled all my plans for the day and went with them.

The event was held at the ground floor of SM Makati. Everything about the event was sweet and colorful, which is a parallelism to Majolica Majorca's products.

More photos of this tasty event after the jump!

 Aside from these sweets, there were some activities that we were able to enjoy.
 We were given these small cards in which each activity corresponds with a freebie. Because we were all early birds, we got free make-overs. In addition, after buying two products (the Pressed Pore Cover and the Cherry Macaroon Puff De Cheek from the Psychedelicious line), I got to have a freebie and take a souvenir photo with my friends!
 At first, I didn't know what I got because all it says in the package was "Dress Glove Cream". When I asked what it was, I found out that it's a hand cream.
Here are Danna, Arra, and my souvenir photos. The photographer asked us to make our best imitation of the Psychedelicious "pose".

While waiting for the actual event, my friends and I decided to go to Greenbelt, so we can snap a few shots of our small reunion.
I don't really have the actual proper group shots, but I do have a lot of outtakes like the above, which I love best!

To end this post, here's what I wore:
 Dress from Forever21 | Shoes from Primadonna | Bag from Divisoria
Blue Ribbon Bracelet from SM Kid's Accessories | Watch from Swatch | Brown faux leather cuff and rings all from Divisoria

I really enjoyed this day because seeing Kimmy was so refreshing! She's still as bubbly as I remembered her! I do wish that we can have a major reunion with all of our block mates soon.


  1. Love this post. Hope to be able to blog about this soon. Lol. - Danna :)

  2. Cute post! I like your shoes, Abi! =)