Thursday, March 1, 2012


The only time I tasted authentic mochi was during my visit in Fukuoka back in 2008. Since then,  I've been trying to find alternatives to compensate for my cravings, and I found Mochiko. I've been trying to try out this mochi ice creams for months. Today, after watching a movie, I finally had the chance to buy some.

I love mochi, which is why I knew I must try this. I bought six; they're a little pricey, but I'll be okay. Anyways, it was good, even though I only tried the Milk Tea flavor. The mochi part isn't too sweet, but I didn't notice because I loved the ice cream. The tea flavor is very strong, making me like it more. Now, I see a future filled with mochis.


  1. Where did you get one? Love this!

  2. @Arra It's near Alabang Town Center. I don't know the other branches. It's good~!