Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Wagon: A1

 Last night, one of my dreams came true.

I have been trying to draft what I want to write in this post in my mind, but I just couldn't find the write words, phrases, and sentences to explain how I feel right now. Ever since the concert ended, I am still in awe. I kept grinning and smiling for the whole day, even if I was alone and people kept glancing at me strangely. I didn't mind that I had to walk under the hot sun just to reach MRT. I didn't mind that most escalators I came upon were not working. I didn't mind getting bumped by strangers on the train. I didn't mind singing and dancing inside the LRT, while listening to their songs in my iPod. Manila's smoke and noise was even tolerable for me. 
I didn't mind because I was able to experience something that I've been dreaming of since I was 9/10 years old. I didn't mind because I saw Ben, Mark, and Christian sing their songs live! I didn't mind because I can still remember singing with them in that big dome. I didn't mind because I can still remember how I danced (and cry for some songs) with them. I didn't mind because I can still remember that quirkiness, talent, and concern that A1 has shown towards their fans last night. I didn't mind because these pictures, though blurry, will help me forever cherish this experience. And best of all, I know and feel in my bones that A1 will be back (and I hope it's sooner)!

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