Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Wagon: Back to the '90s

Today, I'm going to add a new topic to my blog. Since I'm a die-hard Stagirl fan, it'll be called Happy Wagon. If you already read the book, you'll know that Stargirl has this small wagon in her room. Every time she feels happy, she adds a pebble in it, and vice versa. In total, she has 20 pebbles. For my blog, it'll work a little differently. For my Happy Wagon, I'll only be posting about things that makes me happy. This is part of my own Happiness Project, in  reference to Gretchen Rubin's book. So for my first, Happy Wagon post, I'll be going to this tomorrow:

This will be my first major concert experience. I do have some experience on some mini concerts already (school fairs, mall tours, etc.), but this will be my first time in a Araneta or in a big area. I was a pretty sheltered girl, and I'm not really a crazy fan. Besides, I don't have the funds to buy tickets before. Anyways, I really wanted to watch this concert because A1 will be there! I love, love, and love A1. I knew them since I was 9/10 years old, but this would be my first time watching them. I'm a little sad that Paul's not with them anymore, but as long as Ben Adams is with them, I will remain a loyal fan! I'm really excited for tomorrow; I was even struggling to work (but I managed to reach my quota). I just hope I'll be able to sleep. :)

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