Saturday, December 17, 2011


Last June, I made a list of 21 things that I wanted to try to do in celebration of my 21st birthday. Last, Thursday, December 15, 2011, was my deadline. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do all of them. However, I did accomplish half plus one of the items:

Learn to bake - for real
Go to church more frequently
Send group messages more frequently
Ice Skate
Go bowling
Sign-up for gym or work-out at home
Learn how to commute to Makati from Alabang
Enroll in Japanese classes again
Learn how to cook Filipino cuisines
Have a massage on a non-working day
Review 15 essays a day at work
Save up for Christmas gifts
Travel to another country
Upgrade wardrobe
Lose some lbs.
Treat my family to dinner
Take more pictures and post them in my blogs
Get a new laptop
Visit an orphanage
Update my planner frequently
Talk to someone I haven't talked to for a long time

Making this list was quite an experience. Some of the items in the list were quite easy, but some were really difficult. For some, I managed to do, unconsciously, the opposite (e.g. Losing lbs.). And from all of these, I do realize that what I needed to do or needed to have for myself is time, because it has been something that I have been depriving myself for the last two years. For next year, I will be giving myself just that. Therefore, these items, accomplished or not, will be carried on. Some will be continued, and some will be started, and I don't mind if this list gets longer.

I'm so excited for another year!

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