Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Late Post: 2011, Christmas, New Year's Eve, etc.

This is a very late post as I was very preoccupied during the holiday season, and I somehow regret for not having posts for the actual dates of Christmas and New Year's Eve. 2011 was a very good year despite the occasional problems and conflicts. To make this post easier, I'll do what I do best: a list! Here are the best things of last year:

  • My year started with a hearty lunch at Nuvali with my family. It was my first time at Nuvali, and the food was just amazing. Then and there, I knew 2011 was going to be a good year.
  • 2011 was also the year in which I learned to cook adobo, menudo, and wicked oreos (deep fried oreos coated in pancake batter).
  • I experienced my first "go kart" driving at EK last February 2011. It totally removed my fear of driving, and now I am actually waiting for a chance to take driving lessons.
  • We had two graduates from our family this year, which are my cousins Jodel (who is now a freshman in college) and Raymond (who is the same age as me).
  • I took some amazing photos this year. Some were posted, and some are privately adored (as I don't have the time and courage to post them. haha!).
  • Our company's late summer outing brought me closer to gorgeous and lovely ladies who made staying in the office and reviewing tons of essays bearable.
  • I had tons of overnight stays with my friends (officemates, childhood friends, college friends, and so on!).
  • I read a lot of good books.
  • I enrolled in a Japanese class again.
  • Of course, one of the best things that happened to me last 2011 was my Taiwan trip with Danna and Hsieh. The trip gave me a lot of pounds in return, but still, experiencing the culture from a local's point of view was really amazing. I sort of ate a hundred kinds of tofu and drank a lot of milk teas. By the time we went back to the Philippines, Danna and I are already tofu and milk tea critics!
  • My year (any year) wouldn't be complete without Enchanted Kingdom trips. I think I had three or four this year. Some people ask me if I don't get bored with EK. Despite its 30min distance from our home and going there every year, I don't get tired of it. Simply because I always go there with amazing people -- or may be the magic really does stay with you.
  • I discovered 9gag! Enough said.
  • I finished half and one of my "21 Celebratory Things".
  • One of my block mate from college reminded me that it has already been a year since our graduation.
  • Last November 30, 2011, our relatives from California visited us after ten years of not being able to come home to the Philippines. They were the reasons why I stayed off-net most of the time, as I wanted to make every moment of their vacation count.
  • In relation to #13, I hang-out with my cousins, Aren and Amiel, again; they were just babies when they left the Philippines, so seeing them again was just priceless. Also, I met my five year old cousin, AJ, who was born in US. He is a small boy with a bundle of energy!
  • My birthday as the same day as our company's Christmas Party -- and it was epic.
  • Christmas was celebrated with complete members of our family. It made shopping a little hectic, but it was worth it.
  • New Year's eve was fun as well; we had less fireworks, but the kids enjoyed it still.
  • Lastly, I had my hair perm for the first time on the morning of New Year's eve, and I love it so much!

 So that's about it (or at least, what I remember). 2011 was a good year, and I'm looking forward for 2012! Let's make one epic year again! :)


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