Saturday, January 22, 2011

For my 2011 [Late Post]

I'm simply looking forward, but surely not ignoring my present

I'm specifically looking forward to the day I fall in love again. This time, it will not necessary be to "who", but it can also be to "what", "where", and every other thing, living or not, that exists. [insert pronoun] may catch me any moment now, may see me anywhere, or may just be here, there, wherever it already [insert pronoun] In a way, I don't make any sense right now. However, it kind of feels good to not make sense now. I've been planning and imagining what my life would be ever since, but now, it feels much more better to have a clean slate. It does not pressure me; it does not agitate me. I can breathe, and know, I can really be with myself.

So hooray to 2011, and have a great year everyone!

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