Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Wishlist

First of all, I was never the kind of person who always wants to receive something during Christmas. I don't expect gifts, simply because it feels a lot better when I receive gifts when I didn't expect to receive anything (right?). Second, I don't like buying things for the sake of popularity. For instance, Apple's iPad didn't attracted me as much. I just didn't think it'd be practical to buy something big when I often commute to public places and ride public transportation a lot. I believe that iPads are for people who have the luxury to have a car and a driver with them all the time. That is why I stick to my 3.1.3 iTouch which is handy and still caters to my music and application needs and wants. However, since most people I know has been making their Christmas lists, I decided to go with the flow this time, and ask myself "What do I want for Christmas?". Here are the things that crossed my mind:

 An Acrylic Paint Set - because I loved painting ever since even though I'm not any good at it.
This book When I saw this the other day, I was in awe. I wished that my prof in philosophy back in the university has used this to make things easier. I really want to read this.

Another book which is "The Perks of Being a Wallflower". I can't find this book in bookstores anymore because all of them are out-of-stock. Now I blame myself for not buying this earlier. I've made the reservation, and all I need to do is wait.

Lastly, I want a new pair of oxfords. I already have gray ones but it does not much in some outfits. I'm thinking of buying one pair of flat brown oxfords, and another pair which heeled (when I found the perfect ones!) 

So there's my list. These are all the material things that I want for Christmas. However, my Christmas will remain perfect with people I love even without these. I can get these anytime anyway. Happy Holidays!

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