Monday, December 20, 2010

What I received so far.

The yearly wait for Christmas is almost over. A few days more and it's that time once again when people gift gives with each other, eat mouth-watering food, and (for Filipinos) kids visits their ninongs and ninangs. As for me, Christmas will be a hectic day. When it comes to gifts, I'm not really expecting that much. Every year, the only gift that I always wait for is from a boy, but since the happening that changed my entire life style and views, I guess I won't be expecting any gift at all. However, I did receive some wonderful things already such as:

This book from my big brother. I've been dying to read this book. However, this adds to my long list of read this vacation. 

From my monita, Ninky!

 My own SLR! I'm still thinking of a name for this. My options are: Dalia, McClarence, or Lily. Whatcha think?
A new phone. I didn't asked for this though, and I really don't like this (because I'm really aiming for an iphone), but I'm thankful anyways.

So there's my life so far this Christmas.What I realized is that when I started to not expect, I got  much more special things I received, and not just in material things. Anyways, I'm such a geek.

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