Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Vox is closing down (my previous blogging site)!

I was actually thinking If I were to save my previous blog or not but then I logged in and read my last post in it that goes:

As much as I love being in Vox, I'd be getting out of here soon. Vox is great but I used it the wrong way and filled it with sad, bitter and stupid memories.
My new blog (with no posts yet) is Looking for Leo.
Will not be deleting this blog though. Someday I want to look back at this blog and feel nothing at all.

So there. I wish to accomplish what I've said a long time ago. I think that some of my friends might say that this is not true but my mama would know that I tend to not finish some of the things that I've started. For example, I wanted to learn the violin when I was thirteen. I already knew how to play the piano at that time so I thought that I'd be a musical prodigy when I learn the violin (haha). So my mama bought me a violin (which is now dusty and rusty) and started going to classes. However, I didn't like it and one day, I intentionally cut the strings, let the violin fall (because when viloins fall the strings have the tendency to be cut), called my mom and told her that everything was an accident. End of violin lessons (and she still does not know this).

That was just one of the many things that I started and didn't finish. I just don't want this trait to be 'me' and I'm honestly starting to get the hang of finishing things. So best of luck to me, right?

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