Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pardon Please

Something is off, and when something is off assumptions are made.
Something d0esn't feel right this moment.
Of course, I've already learned that in life, there will always be something that will be missing and it is part of human existence to either try to fill that gap or simply let it be. As for me, there come times when the only thing that I notice is that gap. People who know me might say that its probably because of the biggest (and yet only) heartbreak that left me pondering, waiting, and pitying myself for months. But I never want to blame a person nor an experience for anything that is wrong with my life. I ought to think that that gap could be anything. Yes, it could be love, which was what I lost from the heartbreak, or maybe simply fulfillment. It could be anything at all.
Recently, I haven't been feeling content with somethings are right now. I finished my duties to finish school, made my parents proud, and even got a job. But something doesn't fit right now. Its like I have the complete number of pieces of a puzzle but had the pieces mixed up from another set of puzzle.

I am dying to know what is wrong. Desperate, even. Twice a day, I wait for 11:11 (am and pm) trying to make myself believe that the myth is true, then wish for happiness. No specifics, anything would do, just happiness.


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