Thursday, August 5, 2010

Another Definition of Shopping

I went to training again, today. I stayed until 5:oopm at the office, which is kind of late for me. I then went to Alabang Town Center so that I can wait for my Mama there. I went to Powerbooks because I've been wanting to buy one book of the Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn which was introduced to me by one of my college best friends, Danna. I was really hooked up when she made me borrow one of her book. When I went to Powerbooks, I had no Idea that there was a sale. I was already willing to consume P750 for two books. I was shocked when I saw that my bill was just P598. When my Mama, arrived I asked her if she could by me two more books and surprisingly, she said yes. I ended up buying four books. Three Bridgerton series and a Spinelli book. (Spinelli is one of my favorite author.) Here's the loot.

I can't wait to start reading. :D

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