Monday, February 10, 2014

Love & Misadventure

Yesterday, I went to my first ever book signing experience, which is the signing for Love & Misadventure by author Lang Leav. I am one happy girl. :)

I actually have two copies of Lang Leav's book. I first bought the book, Love & Misadventure, on November 8, 2013. How do I remember the date? It's actually the same day Yolanda/Haiyan typhoon hit the Philippines. I had the book reserved days before. Once they texted/tweeted me that the book was already delivered in their Alabang branch, I couldn't wait any longer to pick it up. I remember the day too clearly. I went out really early, so I can be at Fullybooked during its opening time, which I thought was 10:00am. When I arrived there, it was still closed because they actually open 11:00am on weekdays. So I stayed at Jamba Juice for a while to wait for it to open. While I was waiting, I kept receiving text messages from my mama that I need to go home as soon as I get the book because she was getting afraid of the news about the incoming typhoon. Surely, the weather was worsening, and I too was getting worried. After getting the book, I left ATC around 11:20nn. Before I even reach the jeepney station, strong winds were now blowing with rain shower. I fought hard to protect the book and keep it from getting wet. That and I tried to not get blown away. I had an umbrella but I was thoroughly soaked. Thankfully, I was able to get home with the book intact. Of course, I couldn't read it at once because of the news about the Yolanda victims. I read it a few days after, and I finished it in one night. And I loved it. Loved. It.

So after all those things, imagine my excitement when I found out that Lang Leav was going to visit the Philippines! I swore that I have to go there. However, the requirement for registration is a proof of purchase in Fullybooked, which is either the receipt or the price tag in the book, which I don't have anymore. Thus, I had to buy my second book last week. A girl's got to what she's got to do, right? 

Since I live in the south, I can only attend the signing at Alabang Town Center, which was Lang Leav's last signing day. I made sure that I arrive there at 9:00am even though the registration opens at 10:00am. The previous night, I saw in her Facebook account that she signed 800 books at Fullybooked High Street, so I had to make sure that I arrive early. When I arrived at ATC, I thought I'd be the first one. But there was already a line. Still, I was given #18 upon registration. Lucky!

The actual book signing started at 2:00pm, with a few Q&A and a poetry reading by Lang Leav herself. Lang Leav was very sweet and nice. She answered all questions warmly. One smart fan even went in line just to ask "Can I hug you?" to which Lang Leav answered yes! Everyone was in awe and probably jealous of what that fan did. Despite the struggle of listening to her reading (because I was at the back and there were some noisy girls behind me), I really loved the poetry reading part, especially when she read "Souls", which is one of my favorite short prose in her book.

For my first book signing experience, I really had a great time. It was surreal and Lang Leav seems to be genuinely nice. I loved that she took the time to actually talk to the people who were getting their books signed. I hope she comes back again, and I'm looking forward to reading all her other works! :)


  1. Yay achievement unlocked for us! Nakaattend na tayo ng book signing! Buti ka pa napost mo na yung iyo :)

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