Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year everyone! I hope you guys and girls had an amazing NYE. As for me, I spent it in our province to host our local palaro with my cousins and friends, wherein we held games for the young ones and some of the not-so-very-young-ones as well before the clock strikes midnight and all hell, err, fireworks let loose. It's a yearly thing actually, and it's probably our generation's last (the previous generation was my mama's). Braving Divisoria on a holiday was all worth it just seeing the kids' smiles and hearing everyone's laughter.

My 2013 was a mixture of pain and happiness, and I think that's quite normal. I started the year strong, but caught some bad vibes along the way. Pain is inevitable. But as long as there are people who can help me cope, I think I'll survive another year. I just hope that 2014 has better things in store. So cheers to 2014!

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