Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holiday Recap and 2013

Once again, the holiday season made me such a terrible blogger. For the whole month of December, I've been a cook and a baker numerous times that I wasn't able to be a photographer to any of our feasts. Nevertheless, my holidays and 2012 as a whole was really great. I've experienced many things, was surrounded  by great people, had an amazing birthday, and the world did not end.
Now, here we are starting a new year, 2013. I used to make specific resolutions when I was younger. But since I learned that not all will be as I planned it, I've since embraced a single resolution, which is change. Change for the better, and change for what is right. With change, I also found out that some fears can be overcome. So far, it hasn't failed me yet. I'm more outgoing and more confident now ever since I've embraced that changes are inevitable. This year, I plan to make more changes, starting with the relationships that I've built and building with people in my life. So, dear reader, instead of asking you what you're new year's resolutions are, I ask you: What changes are you willing to make? And what fears are you willing to overcome?

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