Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I Would Wear: Summer Day's Walk

I am not a fashion blogger. Perhaps, I would never be. But I am a fashion enthusiast, and I've been wanting to start this series ever since I started a blog. Due to busy work schedules and frequent laziness, I wasn't able to. Thanks to Polyvore, which I only recently used even though I'm already a member a year ago, making collages will be easier. So for my first What I Would Wear Post, here's what I'd love to wear for a summer day's walk:
Almost Summer

Don't you just love that light blue skirt? It was actually the first color I thought off. Add to this outfit a good book and my handy camera and I'm set to go anywhere. How about you? What would you wear for a simple summer day?

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  1. Me too! Been a member of Polyvore but I haven't got the time to use it! Love the skirt! Ang ganda!