Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Discipline Managed!

I've been trying out different diets and workouts for the past few years already, but my results has always been minimal or none at all. So I just kept on gaining and gaining pounds, and a few decimals away from being obese. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that it wasn't the diets nor the workouts that were faulty; it was me all along. I kept on giving into temptations and finding ways not to work out. I am fat because of my own choices (how philosophical is that?). And so, I decided I'll work on my discipline first, and that led me to this: my own discipline card, and I gladly share them with you!
It's pretty simple to use actually:
  • First, print the card. It's  3in x 4in, so any kind of paper will do. I used a white cardboard paper for mine.
  • Write on the blank the habit you want to keep on doing or a bad habit that you promised not to do.
  • For each day of the month, encircle, highlight, or cross out the days in which you were able to do or not to do the habit.
  • See your progress!
That is pretty much it. Simple, right? As a bonus, I also chose two inspirational quotes that can help you keep your discipline, which you can print at the back of your cards:
My card currently says "This month, I solemnly swear not to eat rice.", and so far. I've gone five days without rice already. I'm feeling "lighter" than the usual although there are no drastic changes yet, but I can't wait to finish my first month! I greatly believe that small changes can make drastic changes, so start your small changes now! :)

Credits to the following for the fonts used:
Simplicty by By the Butterfly
KG Ways to Say Goodbye by Kimberly Geswein 
Neou by André Uenojo

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