Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What I Did Last Sunday

Last Sunday, I had my very first project as an amateur photographer. No, I'm not trying to make this a profession and a source of living, but I do enjoy tweaking with my camera all the time and helping out my friends. For this project, I helped out my friend, Pampeem, for her promotional photos for her soon-to-be-launched online shop. She wanted the photos to be colorful and lively, as it is already summer here in the Philippines, so I baked colorful cupcakes (which I am selling for a very decent price. Soon to blog!) for her. I can't post the final photos yet, because I'm letting her post it on her own first. Here's a  few peek though of the behind-the-scenes:

And here's a short peek of the actual shoot:

I'll be posting her new blog once she's ready. Her accessories are great (I helped pick them too), so I hope you'd be her customers!

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