Sunday, August 21, 2011


For quite a long time, I've been thinking on buying an iTouch 4th gen. or an iPhone. I settled for the iTouch because I didn't want to mix up my phone with my music, games, and editors (which used to use up my batteries when I was still using my iTouch 3rd gen.). So last Friday, I bought an iTouch, and I'm now enjoying it to my heart's content. The very first reason of my enjoyment would be the camera and photo editor apps.

The first two are taken using Instagram, while the last two are taken using Pudding, which is a Korean photo app that I've discovered through my co-worker and team leader. I also downloaded another photo app called Pixlr-o-matic that I haven't used yet. It also has an online/desktop version here. With these said, I'm looking forward to future posts with more photos!

I bought my iTouch from an online shop called Kim Store, which offers gadgets in their "right" prices. It was my first online shopping experience because I've been very skeptical about online shops. I tried it out because my big brother's girlfriend recommended it to me. And yes, I did a "meet-up", but my brother and mama insisted that I go with someone and I did, with my Taiwanese friend. The meet-up went pretty well, and their courier seems to be really nice and trustworthy. The service was fast, easy, and trustworthy. I might become one of their "suki" or frequent customers soon. :)

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