Saturday, June 18, 2011

A year after

A close friend and block mate of mine back from university just texted me. The text was a group messaged, and it greeted us "Happy 1st Graduation Anniversary!" I was reminded that today, June 19, was the day I graduated from university. Some people won't make their graduation anniversary a big deal, but there are some people that do, such as me. 

For me, graduating was really scary. I have no more definite schedules, no more reasons to get allowances, and no more sturdy-four-walls of school protecting me. Looking for a job was nerve-wrecking as well. I never really had a vacation after graduating. I woke up everyday looking for jobs in the internet and slept late doing the same thing. I felt that I had to find a job soon or else I won't progress. I went to different interviews, felt very inferior from stuck-up HR interviewers, and tired out my feet walking from offices to offices. There were days when my mama can drop me off, but there are days that I have to commute to places by myself. But the best thing was that I experienced all of these. At least, I was opened to different realities, and now, I can handle myself quiet well.

Since graduating, I can say that I'm a different person than before - not necessarily better, but at least, improved. And I'm proud of myself for making it this far! :)


  1. Awww...this is touching, Abi! <3

  2. Naku! Ako ba yung stuck up?

  3. @Chad: Hinde no! Makati people yun! And hindi ikaw nag-interview sa kin, so Donna. :D