Sunday, June 26, 2011

Follow up: 21 celebratory things

It has only been a few days since I posted my 21 celebratory things, and this is how I've been doing so far: 

Learn to bake - for real
Go to church more frequently (working on it)
Send group messages more frequently
Ice Skate
Go bowling
Sign-up for gym or work-out at home (starting soon!)
Learn how to commute to Makati from Alabang (I got my tutorial the other day from my office mates. The only thing to do is to actually do it.)
Enroll in Japanese classes again (working on it)
Learn how to cook Filipino cuisines (working on it)
Have a massage on a non-working day
Review 15 essays a day at work (working on it)
Save up for Christmas gifts
Travel to another country (soon)
Upgrade wardrobe (working on it)
Lose some lbs. (working on it)
Treat my family to dinner
Take more pictures and post them in my blogs (started doing this recently)
Get a new laptop
Visit an orphanage
Update my planner frequently (started doing this recently)
Talk to someone I haven't talked to for a long time

As you can see, there are things that I haven't touched on yet, but I hope that I'll get to do more as possible. It'll really be a great fulfillment for my birthday. :)

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  1. Lose pounds? Hahaha! Tuloy na tuloy na ang The Biggest Loser Challenge natin niyan!