Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Life of an Unemployed

A lot has happened since my last post. I just graduated last June 19 and now I'm living my life as an unemployed. I've been searching for a job, going to expos and goofing around with my co-unemployed friends. In short, being unemployed isn't that bad at all, besides my parents does not even pressure me to find a job (being just 19 years old). Papa even wants me to study and might support my planned trip to Taiwan with friends.

So here's some picture from the grad rehearsals, the graduation and my cousin's debut in which we went directly after the graduation:

Graduates with Hsieh, I miss her and I have been visiting her a lot at school. She does a way better job with NKK than I do.

I just had to upload this picture.

IS graduates with Sir De Castro and Sir Teehankee. I will never forget the Bow Sir Teehankee made us, ISJs, do -- infront of everybody.

Only a few pictures from the day itself. Everyone was just hurrying out to eat.

ISJ graduates! Arra and me were the only ID 107s who graduated.

18 candles.

with my bestest friend Robz. (We're a trio -- me, Jovy-the debutant, and Robz)
I love 'em to bits. :D

That's it so far.

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