Wednesday, May 11, 2016


I don't know if you guys know, but I'm a teacher here in Japan - an English teacher to be exact. I'd probably talk about that more in the future, but for now, I'd like to say that I'm having a blast teaching. It has  always been a dream, and I'm proud of myself that I got here.

Anyways, last April, the school that I work for had a flower viewing picnic. It was the cherry blossoms season, but we had our picnic a little late, so they weren't exactly in full bloom. Nevertheless, it was a really fun event, but I acted more like a photographer than a teacher. The night before, I decided to whip out McLarens (my Nikon D90 camera) because it has been a long time since I used  him. I'm not really a photographer though. I'm more like a hobbyist about photography, so bear  with me, people.
 photo DSC_0007.jpg
 photo DSC_0009.jpg
 photo DSC_0011.jpg
 photo DSC_0014.jpg
 photo DSC_0024.jpg
 photo DSC_0026.jpg
 photo DSC_0032.jpg
 photo DSC_0033.jpg
 photo DSC_0039.jpg
 photo DSC_0044.jpg
 photo DSC_0057.jpg
 photo DSC_0077.jpg
 photo DSC_0094.jpg
 photo DSC_0097.jpg
 photo DSC_0104.jpg
 photo DSC_0120.jpg
 photo DSC_0133.jpg
 photo DSC_0168.jpg
 photo DSC_0178.jpg
 photo DSC_0183.jpg
 photo DSC_0192.jpg
 photo DSC_0195.jpg
 photo DSC_0202.jpg
 photo DSC_0204.jpg
 photo DSC_0206.jpg
 photo DSC_0208.jpg
 photo DSC_0209.jpg
 photo DSC_0211.jpg
 photo DSC_0214.jpg
 photo DSC_0222.jpg
 photo DSC_0226.jpg

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